April 20, 2021

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You are a true god of yourself -Sefashi To FashCom CEO

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The CEO of Fashcom received a surprise letter from one of her Artiste Safashi The Poet on her birthday and Valentine . In the letter is much of appreciation and praises to the great work of Edna Frimpong CEO of Fashcom and Publiic Relation Officer to The Poet Sefashi.



I write to you this letter of love from the deepest side of life.
I am of the belief that, this note would reach you dearly and assist you on this august day.
People at the country side posed some questions few months ago after knowing you. I kept them in a dilemma await this day.
Lovely PR, for the few months and some weeks of enjoying your skill and professionalism, I am a good man to write this letter with no apology from any son of man at the country side.
You are the god in your own way and I believed at your feet, remains some good Knowledge and Skill to enjoy.

I stand on that to say, you are a the greatest of all time, indeed in your field of study.
May my God that sit far above gives you more of his mercy and grace as we enjoy these young period of learning from each other.

While writing this letter, it came upon me to mention that, if beauty should be given to people for the persona in them, then Queen Elizabeth comes not near you.
You are a true god of yourself I have ever met.
I am much tempted to conclude my letter, but if words belongs to me, then all this day is yours with words drawing stars in the sky.

On this day whiles people in love celebrate themselves, I also write to honor you dearly. I owe you more than you can imagine and believe.
But as you keep faith at home, it is good to wish you on this special day of your birth. Indeed love was born with you, a fact that needs no cross check.
Happy Birthday Love,
Happy Birthday Favourite PR
Happy Birthday Glorious Child
Happy Birthday Genius.

Let the Genesis of the earth come closer to worship before you
Let the world know of your strength and capabilities.
Across the globe I want this letter to travel. For a good news is to be told at public.

Happy Birthday Miss EDNA FRIMPONG

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