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The cold-blooded murder of the Mfantseman MP was a shocking development when the news broke.

At such times of solemnity and grief decency should prevail in both remarks and demeanour. The avoidance of veneered innuendos or even outright vitriolic and politicking should be the spectacle of such moments.

As leader of an opposition party eager to be voted for, it behooved the former President to join the rest of the country in commiserating with the bereaved family.

Both his opponents and supporters awaited the composition of his sentiments. Considering his largely near reckless management of his thoughts on the campaign trail the anxiety was expectedly intense.

When it was finally released most people were unsurprised. It was vintage John Mahama desperate and ready to seize every moment to exude his disturbing political messages.

While consoling the bereaved family, the former President ended what began with a touch of real sympathy on a political goal-scoring note.  He had succeeded in turning the moment into a campaign affair but lost the deference which he deserved for consoling the bereaved family.

Claiming there is insecurity in the country as part of his consolation remark is of course not a true reflection of Ghana’s situation.

We are aware about how some antagonists of government would rather all departments of state go downhill. They would sing hallelujah when their wishes come to pass since after all they have invested in this as part of a grand strategy to make government unpopular.

When painful occurrences such as the murder of the late Ekow Kwansah Hayford are exploited for the furtherance of political strategies, the bereaved families and the cause they stand for are abused.

The former President could not afford to steer away from the campaign trail language defined by cheap politicking and hallucination.

In the former President’s estimation—false though—only he as Commander-In-Chief of the Armed Forces will ensure a secure Ghana. Empirical evidence prove the contrary.

NPP MP J.B. Danquah was murdered at his residence in cold blood when the former President was at the helm.

The matters which arose out of that painful murder is still fresh in our memories. That was only a tip of the many security lapses recorded during his tenure.

Many perhaps would remain ‘cold cases’ and gathering dust on the shelves of the CID headquarters. These occurred under his watch.

When he seeks to dangle his non-existent security management pedigree we feel insulted because we do not suffer amnesia.

Crime can only be reduced to the barest minimum but not totally eliminated. That feat is yet to be achieved anywhere in the world.

The consequences of a deliberate effort at creating a picture of fear and panic because it fits into a political agenda of a group are varied. One of them is the conundrum of the murder of the MP and under the former NDC regime, the late J.B. Danquah.

These are the people who were caught on tape planning ‘covert’ and ‘overt’ operations and now turning around to cry wolf.

We recall the leaked Ofosu Ampofo tape and its planned strategy of kidnappings and generally giving the security management of the country a bad name and hanging it.

A political ambience full of intrigues and crocodile tears make for interesting pondering.

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