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JoyNews Award-winning journalist,Justice Baidoo shares his taughts on how journalism is been practiced poorly in Ghana.His comment on facebook sited by connectghonline.com follows the new trending pictures of the  nephew of President Akufo-Addo and member of the governing New Patriotic Party (NPP) Gabby Okyere Darko luxurious new media house Asasse radio.

Justice said,instead of these great entrepreneurs investing in journalists to go on field to fetch stories from other parts of the country and outside,they resort to copy and paste from other news portals.

Below is the comment posted by Justice Baidoo on facebook.

Lome is 2 and half hours drive from Accra. Half the time it takes to go to Kumasi. When Togo votes, 300 people sitting in Accra will copy, word for word, a story done by one BBC correspondent in Togo and published in London to be read in Ghana as ‘International news’. This is our journalism.

Please this is not about Asaase FM and Joojo will tell you we always say this. Journalism in this country is up-side-down.
People will invest heavy money in everything infrastructure, aesthetics bla bla bla in Accra. Hire say 300 people, all in Accra. Pay some of them 5 digit figures per month.

And then, they’ll look for one person, not on salary, in say Takoradi to cover the Western Region as a correspondent. That person, ill-resourced and sometimes under-trained covers everything from archeology to zoology from Shama to Sefwi Akontombra ( around 300 KM stretch).

Journalists have no money to do independent, data-driven storytelling. They have no money to travel, they can’t hire fixers to book quality interviews and once on the job, sitting in the plush office in Accra, have no opportunity for career development.
There are TV journalists in Ghana who have no clue how a camera works, can’t edit (the least you should be able to do in serious places). When I worked for the LA Times last year, college students from J-school on ordinary fellowships had everything they needed to produce a Multimedia piece; a high quality DSLR, a mac, gopros, recorders everything. I mean every damn thing. They had it and already could do everything. They used to use my face to clean the floor saa because they were the ones teaching me as a journo with almost ten years of work at the time.

As for newspapers, the least said, the better. And it these same newspapers that are recycled back onto morning shows. That- instead of original content- becomes what we have as journalism.

So yes, by all means build the plush office but bring us the journalism too.

Some pictures of Gabby Okyere Darko luxurious new media house Asasse radio.

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