TONIGHT: Ghana Beverage Awards

TONIGHT: Ghana Beverage Awards

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This fourth edition of the Ghana Beverage Awards (GBA) will be held tonight, according to the organizers.

The virtual ceremony, which aims at ensuring the safety of all its stakeholders, will be streamed live on television and online on social media pages at 6pm.

Themed, “Inspiring Excellence in Ghana’s Beverage Industry”, the awards aim to promote both local and foreign beverages and the participation of small-scale beverage enterprises in Ghana.

Chief Executive Officer of Global Media Alliance Group (GMA), Mr Ernest Boateng, speaking on the preparedness of the awards committee said, “We are ready to organize a seamless event, which will celebrate the hard work of all the players in the beverage industry in the year under review.

“We also want to assure our patrons that the virtual awards will maintain the world-class standard they and our stakeholders are used to, without losing the prominence and prestige associated with the awards.”

He mentioned that in a lead up to this year’s awards, a beverage Industry tour was organized for the GBA board to visit nominated companies to familiarize themselves with their work and practices, as one of the new activities introduced in the build-up to the 2019 awards night.

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