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It has become very stressful and boring how everyone feels at home currently over covid-19 lock down. The mind is a powerful tool and so one must make it a lifestyle to think positive and live a positive lifestyle. Below are some basic things one can engage in in other not to feel bored or lazy while at home.

Read Motivational and Inspiring Literature books.

There are so many Christian Literature that can help one in these times. Reading these books can help build ones mental capacity and way of thinking. Some of these books includes: Frugality by Dag Heward Mills , The Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren and some others. Remember reading and learning makes a person.

Take a Moment to Reflect and Set some New Goals

It is without fact this is the best time for one to re-align and re-adjust ones life in other to make headway. You can relax and reflect through your life and set some things right. Think and make a new resolutions for yourself.

Try something New and Innovative

While on lock down one can use this opportunity to learn a new skill, develop your hidden talent and do something you have never tried. Engage in activities like cooking a new dish that you have never tried, Learn a new Dance, Take up some online tutorials on anything you love.

Exercise and Eat Healthy Food.

Lots of people have neglected their health and ignored proper dieting due to lock down. It would be best if you have a meal plan and a routine for exercising or yoga. Develop a good plan to avoid becoming obese.Take in more fluids and fruits to stay fresh and healthy.

To be on Lock down doesn’t mean you are Handicapped. Take time to Upgrade yourself.

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