Foreign Ministry urges China to ‘speedily’ address concerns of discrimination against Africans

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The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Regional Integration has urged the Chinese government to “speedily and comprehensively” address reports of discrimination against Africans over novel coronavirus fears.

In a statement, the Ministry said the Chinese government has met with African ambassadors on the matter.

“At that meeting, it was announced that the government of the People’s Republic of China has taken note of happenings and was taking immediate steps to stop the targetting of and ill-treatment meted out to Africans, particularly our compatriots in the Guangdong province.”

In the meantime, the ministry has urged Ghanaian nationals living in China “to remain calm and stay in contact with our mission in Beijing and the consulate general in Guangzhou and share concerns.”

The Ministry earlier described the happenings in China as racial discrimination and summoned the Chinese Ambassador to Ghana, Shi Ting Wang.

Various African ambassadors in China had also written to the country’s Foreign Minister to complain about the discrimination.

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